Barbie Botox
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Ever wish you had a longer neck and slimmer shoulders?  Many women are achieving this through a procedure that is being called “Barbie Botox” as it can give you a more doll-like appearance.

The procedure was originally devised to aid the release of overworked trapezius muscles which can cause migraines and neck tightness, pain and stress.  This procedure can also have a slimming effect on the neck by lowering the trapezius muscle which can lead to a longer appearing neck.

How quickly do you see results after trapezius injection with botox?

For pain and tightness,  botox results can usually be seen in a matter of days.  Aesthetic results including slimming of the neck, softening the appearance of the shoulders and creating a more delicate physique can take up to a month.

How much botox is used and how long does it last?

Doses commonly used for this large muscle are 20u-40u per side.  Results usually last 3-4 months.

Is botox in the trapezius common and are there any complications?

Botox in the trapezius is getting a lot more common as more people find out about it, both for relief of muscle pain and tension and for its aesthetic potential to elongate the appearance of the neck and soften the shoulders.  Appropriate placement of the botox is important in this area to avoid interfering with your ability to hold your head up properly.

So, what’s next, “Ken Botox”?

Well, yes.  Some say that the new block-buster movie, Barbie,  has brought attention to and more acceptance of botox for men, or BRO-TOX.  I definitely have clients who are men from many different walks of life including salesmen, teachers and surgeons, who get botox!

It is always my pleasure to help you to”Look Fresh and Feel Confident”.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr. Tara Wegryn is a board-certified Neurologist and Electrophysiologist whose current area of concentration is Aesthetic Medicine. She has extensive training in the latest aesthetic medical techniques and is a member of the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Tara Wegryn is the sole owner and operator of Refresh Medispa, the only dedicated medical spa in Galveston, TX. Refresh Medispa offers a variety of services and products including Botox, Fillers, Microneedling, PRP hair restoration, Kybella, skin resurfacing, hydrafacials, ZO Skin Health, and Colorescience.

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