eMatrix Radio Frequency (RF)

Rejuvenation of the Neck and Lower Face

In most cases, expressive lines in the upper face can be effectively treated with Botox.  These include forehead lines, lines between the eyes and Crow’s Feet.  Folds and creases in the lower face can often be effectively treated with fillers.  But what can be done for crepey skin on the face and neck?  One excellent treatment is eMatrix Radio Frequency.

What is eMatrix Radio Frequency? (RF)

eMatrix skin resurfacing is an effective way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, helping you look years younger.  eMatrix works by heating tissue at a specific depth which stimulates your skin to produce more collagen and better-quality collagen.  The radio waves cause a controlled injury to the skin which stimulates your body to deposit and remodel both elastin and collagen causing the skin to contract and tighten giving you a fresher look.  RF continues to cause tightening for up to 6 weeks after a single treatment.  If a series of 3-5 treatments is performed at 4–6-week intervals, the effects are cumulative.  After your aesthetic goal is reached,  maintenance of the neck or lower face can usually be achieved with periodic single booster treatments, 2-3 times a year.

What does eMatrix treat?

eMatrix RF can be safely used on the neck and face to improve texture, eliminate crepiness, and reduce pore size.  It can be used to treat fine lines that develop around the mouth, and fine lines on the lower cheeks.  On the neck, it can reduce the appearance of horizontal lines and even surgical scars from thyroid or thymus surgery.  eMatrix can also be used to smooth old acne scars, and even stretch marks!

What is the Recovery Time after eMatrix?

eMatrix can be performed in the office in less than 30 minutes after a topical anesthetic is applied, making the procedure relatively pain free.  You can expect redness over the treated area for 1-2 day. A slightly rough texture from the “grid” may be present for 3-4 days.  After a single treatment, eMatrix continues to work for weeks, energizing your body to make new collagen and elastin leading to smoother, tighter skin.  We will send you home with a soothing cream and a cold pack.  Mineral based skin care products such as those by Colorescience™️ can be used to during the early days to cover any discoloration.

Most people want to look the best that they can without trying to look unrealistically young or fake.  With eMatrix RF skin resurfacing, you can look your personal best with a smoother neck and less fine lines and wrinkles on the face while still looking like you!

Have a great day, and I hope you continue to “Look Fresh and Feel Confident”.

Dr. Tara Wegryn is a board-certified Neurologist and Electrophysiologist whose current area of concentration is Aesthetic Medicine. She has extensive training in the latest aesthetic medical techniques and is a member of the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Tara Wegryn is the sole owner and operator of Refresh Medispa, the only dedicated medical spa in Galveston, TX. Refresh Medispa offers a variety of services and products including Botox, Fillers, Microneedling, PRP hair restoration, Kybella, skin resurfacing, hydrafacials, ZO Skin Health, and Colorescience.

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