ZO®️ Skin Health is an innovative skin line that we carry at Refresh Medispa. The line was created by Dr. Obagi and is only sold to physicians who then make product recommendations that suit an individual patient’s skin type and therapeutic needs. Some of the ingredients and concentrations are higher than can be sold over-the-counter. The line provides both daily care products and therapeutic treatments to optimize patient’s skin health. Impressed with the quality of these products and the scientifically sound ingredients, I personally used the ZO® skin health line on a daily basis for over a month before I decided to carry it at Refresh. I found it to be extremely effective in improving the overall quality of my skin and, in my case, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

After determining your skin’s characteristics, areas of concern, and your skin care goals, I will create a unique and personalized protocol for you. This will include product selection and may include other supportive services to optimize your skin’s health and appearance.

The ZO® program is a three step program.

Step One is simply “Getting Skin Ready” and includes daily care products; cleansers for oily to dry skin, exfoliating polishes that remove dead skin and toners to control oil or sooth dry skin.

Step Two in the program is to “Prevent and Correct”. Daily Power Defense promotes skin repair with powerful antioxidants delivered in a daily cream creating a more youthful look. If uneven skin tones are a concern, Brightalive®, a non-Retin-A skin brightener, can be used to lighten brown spots and soften color differences. It can be used daily and will not irritate your sun exposed skin like Retin-A can. If reducing fine lines and wrinkles is the goal this can be achieved with skin rejuvenating Growth Factor Serum. ZO® also has its own self-activating Vitamin C cream, Hydrafirm™️ Eye Brightening Repair Crème and Retinol Skin Brightener.

Step Three in the ZO® program is to “Protect”. Protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun with one of Dr. Obagi’s broad spectrum sunscreen products. Sun exposure can cause color changes, surface texture alterations, and thickening of the skin, which can deepen creases and wrinkles. We offer a variety of sunscreens with different features including water resistance, tint and finish.

The ZO® line also pairs beautifully with the Hydrafacial© system at Refresh. The Brightalive® Booster serum can be added to your facial to give you an accelerated start on your skin brightening program.

Together, we will tailor a daily home care regimen that will optimize your skin’s health, improve texture and minimize flaws. We will create a program that fits your skin needs, your budget, and your life! Healthy skin IS achievable, and at any age!

Have a great day, and I hope you continue to “Look Fresh and Feel Confident”.

-Dr. Tara Wegryn