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Unique Uses Botox®️ or Xeomin®️are commonly injected into 3 main sites; the forehead to treat expressive lines, the outer sides of the eyes to treat

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Why A Hydrafacial?

The HydraFacial™️ system is a patented four-step program that cleanses, extracts, and hydrates the skin using gentle suction, special skin surface tips, and a series

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Microneedling is a highly effective procedure that works to rejuvenate your skin by stimulating it to make new, collagen-rich tissue.  The procedure itself involves creating pin-holes

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A Holiday Note

I am proud to share that December 20th of this year will mark the three-year anniversary of the opening of my Medispa, Refresh!  As I reflected on

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Creating a Youthful Neck

As you age, your skin becomes thinner, especially on the neck.  Concealing your neck with clothing like scarfs or turtlenecks is not a practical solution, particularly

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